Ask Me A Question 2009

Ask Me A Question 2009...

Now listen up people…
This is the only place where you can ask me anything you like and that’s absolutly anything.. I promise 😉 ha.
Except anything innapropriate, offensive or just simply stupid which will get egnored or deleted or even just simply not accepted. OK mate? (Y).

Enjoy yourselves (:
Crazy Kid aka 90s Craze


10 Responses to “Ask Me A Question 2009”

  1. Alexa. Says:

    Do You Want 2 Get Married Wen Ur Older?

  2. mizzd33 Says:

    Whats Your Favourite Colourrrr?

  3. Crazy Kid Says:

    Reply to Alexa

    Lol. Yeah I would love to uno. But to the right woman of corse!!!

  4. Crazy Kid Says:

    Reply to mizzd33

    Well I’ve always said my favourite colour was red but I wear alot of blue but I’m not really sure to be honest. Don’t really have one.

  5. mizzd33 Says:

    LOOOL 🙂
    showabunga =]
    mines PINK broo.
    this is a very interestting topic bwt (Y)

  6. DaniellelOuise (LL) Says:

    Do U Want Kidsssss. MMMMMMM?

    • Crazy Kid Says:

      Reply to DaniellelOuise (LL)

      Yep, certainly do. A mini-me and a beautiful girl..
      That should be enough 🙂

  7. DaniellelOuise (LL) Says:

    Aww. Bleess You..

    MALLY is
    WOWWOWwizzle! 😀

  8. Michael Tim Says:

    I love your site!

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

  9. 90s Craze Says:

    Reply to Micheal Tim

    I love the supporters!

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