Crazy Kid Biography

Jemal Mignott aka Crazy Kid is a young 15 year old music artist with a positive and determined state of mind, believing that he can be another high-reaching eminence. By being brought up in an area where guns, knifes and drugs are highly expected, being able do what is right thing is important.

Since a baby, Jemal was always brought to life by the effects of music. Dad says, “When my son was about three, you could just leave him for hours and he would just sit underneath the ghetto blaster listening to successive R’n’B and Reggae albums of that time such as; R.Kelly and Black Street, with not even been able to understand the words“. As soon as Jemal could speak fluently, singing was the only use of his new advantage. People immediately recognized that he had that special voice just like his father. Music was like his reason to be here, clearly being a gift from god. As well as a talent such as music, he was also very good with his feet.

At the age of six he was guided by his parents to start a football career. He soon began to attend football sessions at the local sports centre. It was instantly clear to other players, members, coaches and parents that Jemal was too advanced for his age. Later down the line, he was scouted by Leeds United, Sheffield Wednesday and Bradford City, all in the space of six years. By being in a well achieved stage of his life, he soon took all of this for granted and slowly lost it all due to turning up late for matches, not turning up to a continuous six week trial and quitting altogether – he lost his passion for football. At the age of fortine, Jemal was rapidly left with almost nothing. His obvious resort was to pick up where he left off with music.

At twelve years of age the name ‘Crazy Kid’ began to take over. That name was giving to him by close members of the family because he was hyper-active, and very energetic as a child. A year after he stepped foot into the grime industry, G Double who is the founder of the record label ‘Big Boyz On Road’, saw a raw and unique talent within Crazy Kid and decided to work with him, along side a few others, in order to push them to the top. Serious work had to be put in by combining with Stay Focus to produce good music. He was now starting to gain respect within his home town for being a ‘Grime MC’. In the early 2007 era, Crazy Kid has been well remembered for his remarkable clash with ‘Angry Kid’, which gained his place in the grime scene. Since then he has been involved with some of the most known grime MC’s in Leeds. In 2008 Crazy Kid was then signed to the independent label; Big Boyz On Road.

Crazy Kid says, “Grime was a genre I picked up very quickly due to everyone being a part of this. To be honest, in the future, I don’t want to be known as a ‘grime artist’ anymore. I just want to be known as an artist who makes very good music, whatever the genre. I feel trapped in a way by being so young because I am restricted to do some things that I would like to do, music wise. But I’m just here to do me and I try to do the best of my ability, whether you hate me or love me

His main aim now, along with many others, is to bring not only himself but the grime scene to the highest peak possible. From this day forward, it is bound to be an achievable time for him so make sure you keep your eyes pealed and your ears open because he is certainly a promising artist for the future!


4 Responses to “Crazy Kid Biography”

  1. rayhan Says:

    greattt mcc ive had the honour to hear him in personnn ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. michael Says:

    pretty sick actually thought talk were going to talk a load of shit but bare things i didn’t know about till today

  3. DaniellelOuise (LL) Says:

    OoO Life Story There Broo ๐Ÿ˜›
    U Sound Soo Proper Bless Uu (LL)

  4. Michael Tim Says:

    I love your site!

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

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